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Working Equitation

Working Equitation originated in Portugal and is based on everyday riding skills and the tradition of working livestock in the fields. It has developed over the years and is now an internationally recognized form of competition riding. Working equitation involves the principals of classical horsemanship; it develops a strong bond between horse and rider. At the same time it produces a versatile riding horse for both leisure riding and competition. There are four phases, these include a dressage test, two obstacle tests - one focuses on style and the other on speed. The final test is the cattle penning test.

Pedro was a member of the Portuguese working equitation winning team in 2009. Come to Quinta dos Pinheiros to benefit from Pedro´s experience to develop and improve your riding skills. Ride around a course of working equitation obstacles, ride against the bicycle bull and finally meet Ernesto our training bull. Learn to ride with your reins in one hand and a vara (garrocha) in the other.

Contact Pedro to organize your working equitation experience.



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